“Dietro la facciata”. Candiani, Cerati, Mattioli e Nuvoletti: fotografe impegnate in una indagine sulla quotidianità femminile nell’Italia degli anni settanta.

Cristina Casero


In the first half of the seventies, with the emergence of the first Italian experiences of the feminist movement, the desire to think over the condition of women, became the center of interest of some women photographers who, through their expressive means, investigated the daily life of women. Such experiences are important, linguistically too, since the women photographers know themselves in the women they are looking at: this gives life to an unprecedented point of view, a new way of telling the woman. My paper wants to be a reflection on a research carried out by Anna Candiani, Carla Cerati, Paola Mattioli and Giovanna Nuvoletti, which is capable of narrating women's lives with a keen eye and a personal look. Although this work isn't so popular today, it is anyhow very interesting to see these photographs, which tell us of the women's daily life, here in Italy, in the seventies.


Contemporary Italian Art; Women Art; Feminist Art; Feminism; Photography

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